Chevrolet Tahoe, Porsche Cayenne, Volvo XC90 are SUVs of our time.

Chevrolet TahoeAmericans have long been known for their love of big cars. That is why to meet the high demand in 2006, Chevrolet has launched the third generation of the SUV Tahoe. This car has a length of 5130 mm to this day is a success not only among ordinary citizens, but also representatives of various special-purpose services.

Initially, the idea of an SUV release of the legendary sports car manufacturer Porsche was seemed absurd. However, the Cayenne has become a bestseller worldwide. Therefore, in 2010, updated version of this sport-utility vehicle went on sale, 4846 mm long and weighing nearly 2 tons. The range of engines of Cayenne are with power from 300 hp up to 500 hp. The fastest version of the Cayenne Turbo S boasts by rapid acceleration up to a hundred in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 283 km / h.

Swedish company Volvo has long its fame as one of the safest cars automakers. That is why the new XC90 SUV in 2010 is in steady demand from buyers. Vehicle length is 4810 mm, and weight – 2250 kg.

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How to store summer tires in winter.


  • Carefully wash and dry the rubber. It is desirable to treat rubber by special aerosol, which largely will slow the formation of bonds in the rubber molecules.
  • It is advisable to pack each wheel in the special case or bag. In this case, the rubber will not feel the effect of solar radiation and high humidity.
  • Keep tires in a dry, cool, dark place.
  • Tires without disks should be stored in an upright position, they can’t be put on top of each other or hang. Furthermore, once a month bus tires must be rotated to the load point was not always in the same place. Never put something heavy on them.
  • Keep tires with wheels can be horizontally (put as “pit”) or in a suspended position, they can’t be placed vertically. As for the pressure it is recommended to deflate tires on 50% during the storage.
  • Before laying tires on storage, be sure to pay attention to the shelf life of the tire. Often, it is 5 years.

If it has expired, you will have to get rid of them, because their continued operation would be extremely undesirable.

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